To provide the neglected part of the society with quality education at their door-steps, the READ Foundation has been taking initiatives to open schools in far-off areas of Pakistan since 1994. There are still many children yet to be reached and provided the education they deserve. The aim is to provide education of standardized quality to all the children, living in the areas where access to education is just a thought far from reality. Aspirants living in these areas have to face a series of obstacles including long distance, harsh weather, scarcity of basic educational facilities, and severe lack of financial resources, which kept them from attaining education.
READ Foundation opens institutes in such hard areas to provide quality education under the supervision of qualified and trained teachers. The provided classroom environment is a leader in educational thinking and standardization in academics. READ Foundation delivers a balanced and rounded education to develop both inner and outer powers in a carefully designed school environment.
READ Foundation seeks your generosity with your donations and charity to open new schools in those far-flung areas and make education possible for all of them.
Ideally it remains a priority to build a designed school building in the area, however, financial constraints limits that to acquire building on rents. Initially we open a school with following facilities.
• Minimum 1 class and 2 teachers to begin with, and expand periodically
• Furniture for a minimum of 50 students
• Utility expenses (Electricity-Water-Heating-Telephone etc.)
• Salaried teaching staff hired from the local area or assigned by READ Foundation trained teaching faculty
• Toilets
• Syllabi-based teaching aids
• Teachers training
• 12 months building rent and salary of the staff (teachers, attendants, etc.)

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