Under the School Enhancement Programme, READ Foundation seeks donations for establishment and supply of the following items:

Science Laboratory
Science education is the basic factor for modern world technological development. It plays a vital role in terms of capacity building of students, as they would resultantly be able to play greater role in the national development. Science laboratory is a mandatory requirement in all the schools in order to have them registered from the educational authorities. READ Foundation seeks help from the donors to donate generously so that every school can be provided with a science laboratory with all necessary equipment e.g. testing chemicals, experiment apparatus and other laboratory equipment.

Computer Laboratory
Acquiring computer literacy is as important for our children as any other ‘basic skill.’ READ Foundation is providing quality education in its institutions and computer literacy is an integral part of the provided education. However, there are still many schools lacking computer laboratories. So, the Foundation seeks help from the generous donors to donate openheartedly so that computer laboratories can be built in those schools and computer education can be provided to all the students on the grass-root-level.

Library is the core element of a school’s academic activities. The instructional programme of a school is based on the quality of its library, as library is an essential instrument of developing desirable study habits in students. It also plays an important role in enhancing a teacher’s effectiveness and classroom performance. READ Foundation schools and colleges have very comprehensive academic libraries in them. These libraries contain all kinds of academic and recreational books for the positive learning of its students. However, many of its schools are required to have libraries as yet. READ Foundation calls upon you to kindheartedly donate for the libraries.

Furniture is the very basic need of any educational institute. READ Foundation’s institutes provide quality education to its students with all mandatory and basic educational gears. So many of the READ Foundation schools in the far-flung areas are in dire need to have more furniture or completely new furniture as the old chairs and desks have torn out. Everyone can donate for this purpose with open hearts and help in providing the basic comforts to the children trying to pursue their educational aspirations.

Boundary Wall Construction
A school boundary wall is mandatory to provide the students with safe academic premises where they could carry on their academic as well as co-curricular activities. School grounds without boundary walls often become a shortcut route to get from one point to another. While majority of the public poses no threat to student or teacher safety, there are unfortunately the occasional few who pose very real threats. Whether it’s a predatory adult, other young people who may have a beef with students or even angry parents, boundary wall increases the safety of the people within the school boundaries.
READ Foundation seeks donations from everyone to build boundary wall in many schools which do not have the walls built around them as yet.

Safe Drinking Water
Drinking water is the basic necessity in every educational institute. READ Foundation schools can really use your donations to install water facilitation equipment to provide safe drinking water to the students.

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