Since the provision of education in purpose-built schools positively influences learning, so the READ Foundation constantly focuses on this for the underprivileged. So far, the Foundation has managed to build 124 educational buildings of its own with the help of generous donors. Thousands of students are getting quality education in these purpose-built seismic-compliant buildings in a quite conducive environment.
In most cases, the local communities donate land for constructing such buildings, therefore, the cost of the land is usually not included in the budget required to construct a school.
Generally, a donation helps 250 children to have a purpose-build school consisting of seven classrooms, staff offices and toilets with an outside boundary wall. However, the cost of the construction varies for different regions in accordance with their earthquake hazard zoning and climate conditions.
READ Foundation has its own construction department, operating from the head office, Islamabad which heads and runs all construction processes for School Building Construction Programme.
We need your help to build safe and conducive learning school buildings for the children of far-flung areas where they could get quality education.
READ Foundation always values its generous donors, and recognizes that without them, this mission would have never taken its course and be where it is today.
With your generous donations, so many more new schools could be built and this will be your everlasting deed of goodness.
Donated school buildings can be named after their sponsors as well.

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