Sponsor an Orphan (Monthly Basis)

Back in 1997, READ Foundation had started a substantial Orphan Sponsorship Programme to enlighten the hopes of orphan and underprivileged children of the society.
It is the flagship Programme which carries READ Foundation’s mission for the society in its true meanings, i.e., helping society through quality oriented, value-based and purposeful education and capacity building.
This Programme solely focuses on the sponsorship of orphan students by raising funds from individuals and corporates who can contribute to support the educational expenses including provision of school bags, books, notebooks, stationeries, uniform etc. for these children.
More than 23,000 students have benefitted under this Programme, whereas 13,000 orphans are currently enrolled in 400 institutes of the Foundation. READ Foundation spends PKR 500 million/year to cater the educational expenses of these students.
You can opt to take a monthly share of this Programme by donating PKR 4,000 only. Each share will surely create a significant impact. READ Foundation is authorized to collect Zakat for Orphan Sponsorship Programme. The process of managing Zakat funds is certified to be Shariah compliant by our Shariah Advisor according to Waqala Waqf Model.

Donation PKR: 4,000
Amount PKR: 4,000
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