Give Zakat for Orphans

The scarcity of resources is one of the root causes of not getting proper schooling for millions of children in Pakistan. While it gets worse when one loses his father, who is always an ultimate source of livelihood for every child.
READ Foundation, in 1997, launched its Orphans Sponsorship Programme to provide free and quality education to the Orphans. With the help of philanthropists and our generous and kind donors, this programme enables the Foundation to provide free education to thousands of orphan students from across the country.
Under the Orphan Sponsorship Programme, over 13,000 orphans are currently enrolled at 400 different institutes of READ Foundation, more than 23,000 have been benefited through this programme, while a total of over 500 Million Rupees are spent annually on educational expenses of under this programme.
• Upon approval of the orphan’s status, the child is enrolled in the respective class without any inconvenience.
• After completion of the orphan profile, the organization approaches the donors for sponsorship.
• On receiving the sponsorship amount, the organization provides a receipt along with the complete data set (pictures, documents, etc.) to the donor.
• Once the student gets enroll, the organization provides him/her the complete educational package. This package includes books, stationeries, notebooks, school bags, and uniforms. Besides, the head office provides the tuition fee to the respective institute.
• The organization shares the detailed reports and the updated student pictures to the donors annually at the end of the academic year.
• After completion of the academic year, the Foundation convey soft reminders to donors for renewal of the sponsorship.
We highly welcome our donors to visit the kid(s) that they have sponsored, and we make the appropriate arrangements for their visit from the separate pool fund allocated for this programme. READ Foundation is a certified Sharia Compliant organization and will act as a guardian of the orphan children on your behalf. Besides, the organization also supports five thousand families with the support of generous donors. You can sponsor an orphan with an amount as small as PKR 48,000 for a year.

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