Coronavirus Relief Fund

Considering the worrisome situation emerged in the wake of massive outbreak of Covid-19, the READ Foundation has kicked off Coronavirus Relief Fund to help those in need.

Since last 25 years, READ Foundation is striving to benefit the needy, especially the orphan and underprivileged children, who cannot afford going to school. Many families of these orphans even cannot afford two meals a day. So the Foundation takes care of them too.
Besides, in the aftermath of the pandemic outbreak, some 30,000 families associated with the Foundation are badly affected. Lockdowns and restrictions imposed by the government are saving lives on one side by containing the spread of virus, but on the other side, they have barred the labourers and daily-wage workers from indulging in any economic activity.
These vulnerable people are about to starve, therefore, it’s our collective responsibility to come to their aid and generously donate our Zakat and Sadaqah, so that they could be able to make their both ends meet. To help these white-collor people Foundation has established COVID-19 Relief Fund. You can give your Zakat and Sadaqah in this relief fund to help people in need.

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