Lack of Education is the root cause of poverty and the primary reason for widespread crime, begging and child slave labour.

That’s why, at READ Foundation we focus on education. We believe education is the only true long-term strategy to ensure sustainable change.

 58 million children around the world are out of school and 100 million fail to complete primary education.

UNESCO’s latest report represents that economic problems are adversely affecting children education. Report says, the world’s poorest children are four times less likely to go to school than richest.

If we fail to educate needy children today, they too will succumb to depravity, begging and a life of crime. The vicious cycle of poverty will continue. No country can work itself out of poverty if its foundations are built on illiteracy and poverty.

According to the same report, Pakistan was nowhere close to meeting its 2015 education goals. This year with your help we want to make a huge difference.

Access To Education Changed The Lives Of Nabeel, Bisma And Khurshid.

Meet Them Here

Nabeel Rasheed

Bisma Shokat

Kurshid Hassan

Education works.

It paves the way to successful futures, creating opportunities and triggering a positive ripple effect. By providing children with literacy, numeracy and life skills, we can end generational cycles of poverty, encouraging individuals to decide between right and wrong, whilst empowering them to improve their personal circumstances and communities.