READ Foundation had started a substantial Orphan Sponsorship Programme for the orphan sponsorship and underprivileged children of the society back in 1997.

It is the founding Programme which carries READ Foundation’s mission for the society in its true meanings, i.e. helping society through quality oriented, value-based and purposeful education and capacity building.

This Programme solely focuses on the sponsorship of orphan children by raising funds from individuals and everyone who can contribute to support the educational expenses including, books, notebooks, uniform etc. for these children.

A dedicated department is established to look after and carry out the organizational works for this Programme in the most effective way in the head office. This Programme totally and only benefits the orphan children of the society when they cannot pursue their aspiration to education due to financial constraints, READ Foundation’s Orphan Sponsorship Programme enlightens their hopes.

More than 14,000 students have benefitted under this Programme of the Foundation, whereas, 10,116 orphan children are being educated, currently. Every year from 1000 to 1200 new student inductions takes place in our educational institutes. READ Foundations spends more than 300 Million on the educational Programme of orphans. Being the sponsors, READ Foundation has allocated a separate pool fund for the orphan children.

Donors deposits their charity and donations in this pool fund from where the tuition fee and other educational requirements get paid of these orphan children. Donors are provided complete record along with the latest photographs of their sponsored children. Besides, if the donor would like to inquire any information or report about the children, READ Foundation is there to serve them. You can take responsibility for educational expenses of one or more children, today.

20,000 PKR is the annual cost to take sponsorship of a child, you can take contributions from your friends, family and contacts to gather that sum of money, as well.

You can make use of your charity to pay this sum of money. Spending on bearing educational expenses of orphans is also truly an approved Sharia custom to benefit your deceased family members.

If you have taken sponsorship of many children and cannot pay all the amount at once, you can also make payment in installments.

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