Volunteering has been one of the fundamental characteristics of READ Foundation since its emergence in 1994.

Volunteering to our cause is not only a sacred duty or spiritual satisfaction but also the most practical education emergency in Pakistan. We have specifically designed programmes for our volunteers.

Business and Technical Consulting

Skilled experts who are willing to make a small contribution of their time and skills to assist the organisation by helping with tasks such as writing syllabus and pedagogical technique design, design of brochures, project proposals, reports, annual reports, prepare architectural plans for school buildings, design of marketing tools and materials, or any other job which may require professional skills.

Promotion & Fundraising 

People committed to making a difference in the lives of underprivileged children are the lifeblood and energy of READ Foundation. We can count on them to support our mission in any way they deem possible and ensure that this mission will continue beyond READ Foundation. Pakistan is suffering an education emergency and if we do not act now, we will not be able to realise the goal of universal education for children in Pakistan, within our lifetime.

As part of our efforts to create lasting change, READ Foundation asks students, communities and organisations to become involved with READ Foundation by becoming a fundraiser for our programmes and encourages more people to join in the cause.


We need people of position, reputation and authority who can get us access to public policy, who can champion our organisation, speak for us, and endorse us when necessary. This is indeed of tremendous value and importance to us. READ Foundation Champions are recognised within the organisation and are welcomed at our annual gatherings and fund raising activities.


  • Volunteer Card
  • Career Growth Opportunities
  • PR & Socialization
  • Exposure and Lifelong Learning
  • Invitations for Various Activities (Hiking, Dinners, Fun Galas etc.)
  • Participation in projects related to Community Development
  • Participation & Appreciation Certificates
  • Special Association & privileges in Donor/Partner Agencies
  • Discounts and Gifts (Car Stickers, Diaries, Calendars etc.)
  • Self-Satisfaction and Pride










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