We have grown to become one of the largest education systems in Pakistan in the non-profit sector & the largest education provider in Azad Jammu & Kashmir areas.

We have been implementing educational and welfare projects in the developing world since 1994.

We launched our first school in a small far-flung village, Riala, in District Bagh, Azad Kashmir. With rudimentary teaching aids, limited experience and a passion to change the status quo, the School was formed.


On the first day of a sunny April morning in the year 1994, 11 nursery class children turned up to be enrolled as formal students. Within a month, the school succeeded in becoming a source of inspiration for the entire village: READ Foundation succeeded in winning the minds and hearts of people.

Mr. Obaid Ur Rehman, currently, the General Manager department of Shared Services, was both the first teacher and the first principal of READ’s first school. The news of READ’s entry in the realms of education spread quickly. The communities across Azad Kashmir were provided with an easy access to 21 schools in the first year of its starting.

The school now has blossomed into a full-fledged high school. That first school has gone a long way to empower the people of Azad Kashmir and to bring about positive changes in the lives of underprivileged communities through educational welfare activities.

Over the years, we have grown to become one of the leading non-profit organisations working for quality education in rural Pakistan. Today, we have an outreach of 382 schools with an ever-growing body of 103,790 students and 5,438 teachers. We provide free education to 9,960 orphan children.

These stats makes us one of the largest educational NGOs of Pakistan. We are in the process of building our fundraising infrastructure across the globe including the Middle East and North America.

Would you like to be a part of our global network?

Send us an email to partners@readfoundation.org 

For further information, you can visit our UK website at www.readfoundation.org.uk

Our Vision

Strengthening humanity for change.

Our Mission

Helping society through quality-oriented, value-based and purposeful education and capacity building.

Our Objectives

Quality Education

To provide access to quality education for all school-age children, especially downtrodden, destitute and orphans without discrimination against any colour, creed, gender, group or class.

Environmental Friendly Education Facilities

To establish and run environment friendly educational facilities through resource mobilisation, networking and advocacy.

Holistic Learning

To provide an enabling environment conducive to nurturing and nourishing the natural gifts, aptitudes and abilities of all students for a lifelong learning and education through innovative curriculum and teaching methodologies.


To encourage and promote volunteering at all levels and for all sorts of activities.

Low Cost – Free Education

To impart a quality education on a very low or no-cost basis to every student that enrols in any of the READ Foundation’s education facilities.

Community Involvement

To promote awareness among all communities of their rights and responsibilities; to encourage community participation in all educational endeavour and humanitarian responses.